Raichu Asterisk Anyone? – PIKA WARP REVISITED

When I last reviewed the PIKA WARP Asterisk appliance, I¬† named the post “Pokemon Asterisk” – today I’ve decided to review the PIKA WARP Asterisk appliance again, only this time, with the newly released Asterisk GUI 2.0 release – our cuddly Pikachu is now a Raichu (relax, it took me about 30 minutes to find […]

Open Source has bad reputation in Israel! – Part II

As if my previous post was’t enough, this week the ever annoying bad rep of Open Source in Israel¬†showed its face yet again. This time, I’m talking about a recent talkback on the thecom.co.il online magazine website. The talkback was related to an article relating to various telecom tenders currently in progress in Israel. As […]

Open Source has bad reputation in Israel!

The Open Source movement had been in existence since the 60’s, and we can surely find its roots somewhere along the hippie culture and movement. While Free-Love had transcended to Free-Code, or to be more exact – Free-Knowledge, the question of the sources for your Open Source is still questionable. Comparing it with the Sixties, […]

PIKA Warp + FreePBX = Still some distance to go…

As I wrote a couple of days, I’m currently in the process of evaluating the PIKA WARP appliance. As I already said before, the PIKA WARP isn’t a real PBX, but actually a framework for building PBX type appliances. For me, the entire evaluation process is more or less a process of trial and error, […]

PHP MVC Frameworks – Part 2

As I’ve already posted a while back, I’ve been heavily using a PHP MVC framework called CodeIgniter. While I have to admit that CodeIgniter made my life really easy, quickly building web applications in a very organized fashion – it’s somewhat non-rigid form made it really easy for me to do something really funky stuff […]

A2Billing+Apache vs. A2Billing+Lighttpd

Ok, it goes without saying: “A2Billing is one of the most complete Calling Card systems in the Asterisk market today.” – on the other hand, it is also true that: “A2Billing is one of the most complex and convoluted pieces of code ever written!”. The combination of the above makes for a fairly combustible mixture, […]

TrixBox shows its support (or lack of it)

Well, it’s quite common to get a flame here and there on any Internet technical maling list, but the following really caught my eye. Here’s an extract from the TrixBox forum: ———————- CUT HERE ———————- Subject: SS7 on Sangoma a101D shoieb_arshad Submitted by shoieb_arshad on Sat, 09/20/2008 – 12:16am. hello i have a two running […]

SanDisk Cruzer + CentOS 5.1 Live = Let the good times roll

Ok, I admit it, the topic sounds ultra geeky and nurdy – but I can’t help it, there is something about booting up your computer from a USB pen drive, having all your nicely wrapped tools in there and having fun with it. In this case, my pen drive is actually the driving force behind […]

Say No To TrixBox Campaign – Update

As some of you noticed, I’ve started a “Say No To TrixBox” campaign. In order toPL go about and monitor the usage of the banner, and it’s deployment across the net, I’ve installed an OpenX ad server to support the campaign. I guess that I didn’t realize what the little campaign would do! Current statistics […]

I don’t feel right charging for 15 minutes

Ok, I’m a consultant and developer, but asking somebody to pay me for 15 minutes worth of work – I feel like a total heel. I’m a member of this Freelancers website called oDesk. Every once in a while I get a notification from oDesk, asking me to participate in an interview – which I […]