Well, it’s quite common to get a flame here and there on any Internet technical maling list, but the following really caught my eye. Here’s an extract from the TrixBox forum:

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Subject: SS7 on Sangoma a101D


i have a two running trixbox server with sangoma a101D cards in them. i want to connect these two servers with each other over a SS7 link. i have installed wanpipe utilities and using T1 cross over cable. both card are showing green light and also there is no alarm in the system. now i am trying to install some ss7 library in the system. i have tried both chan_ss7 and libss7. chan_ss7 didnt work in any way.
so i am trying to use libss7.
with new asterisk 1.6 and libss7, digium says it will supports mtp2 signalling. just need to add command
signalling=mtp2. but they also said that only digium card will support this feature. can i use direct mtp2 signalling on sangoma cards or is there is any other way around???????



Why are you trying to do

Why are you trying to do this? Is your goal to terminate SS-7 trunks to an Asterisk box at some point?

Your exercise sounds academic, ISDN User Part is essentially SS-7 and besides who trunks Asterisk with PRI’s

The last guy that asked these questions was working on a University project, if this is what you are doing then do your own homework. If not please explain your application so I can make a few suggestions.


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Ok, putting aside the discussion of Digium vs. Sangoma (It’s a well known fact I’m a Digium fan), I think I hadn’t seen any remark on any Asterisk forum which was rude as this one. The fact that TrixBox is not something you would naturally use for SS7, the fact that it’s Asterisk based simply makes it possible. Why does the responder care “Why the user wants SS7?” – it doesn’t matter one bit, he wants to do it, he has his reasons – just give the guy an answer and help him out.

Our responder says: “… and besides who trunks Asterisk with PRI’s …” – well, I can number multiple situations when Asterisk was required to be trunked with PRI circuits. For one, security measures sometime insist that you interconnect Asterisk with PRI circuits and not over IP. For example, one of my customers, a company in the defense industry required a secured VoIP connection to a provider, without exposing it’s internal network on the physical layer – the only way to do it was to interconnect Asterisk via a PRI circuit.

“… if this is what you are doing then do your own homework …” – That’s even worse than saying RTFM. In the Asterisk world, and especially in the SS7 world, nothing is straight forward and usually, things are slightly more complex than anticipated. Saying something like: “Do your homework” is like saying, “I know how to help you, it’s complex, but I won’t tell you”.

The good old saying says: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” – it applies well to mailing lists and forums.

I admit, I had been known to throw a flame or two here and there – however, it is always related to a specific issue, and is usually related to non-technical issues being published on a technical list.