The GUI Game

Well, I think that I can understand where Elastix/PIAF are going with this. For a while now, I’ve seen various communications and rants roaming the community, regarding the way the FreePBX GUI is dominating the “Distro Market” – so to speak.

Technology? Religion? or just pure Ego?

Open Source – What really drives it? is the desire to change and create something new? is it a firm belief in the idea that knowledge wants to be free and that software should roam the world? or when you boil down – is it just plain Ego?

A recent post on the Asterisk-Biz list

This morning, I was greeted with the following message from the Asterisk-BIZ mailing list: I have seen there are so many PalestineĀ children have been killed in the Irasel-Palestine collide from the news, I am so sad about this, how do you think of this war created by Irasel army, I hate war, hate butcher, why […]

Today is a historic day

Today is a historic day – and I’m not referring to the fact that my birthday is today! Israel had finally adopted the anti-spam act, where companies are no longer allowed to send you spam email, unless you had specifically granted them the permission to do so. While the act in itself isn’t a new […]

Israel now officially speaks Arabic

Apparently, according to the BBC, the most spoken language in Israel is most probably Arabic. Well, at least judging from their website. I was browsing the web for some information about the “Doctor Who” TV series (if you have no idea what I’m talking about – shame on you!). As it is a BBC series, […]

Zip up, Slim down, let the heads roll…

Like most of the world, I’ve been following the recent market turmoil with a great burden on my shoulder. When you think about it, I’m not a stock broker, nor am I a multi-billionaire that has his funds invested in various stocks and bonds, that a single 0.1% shift in the NASDAQ translates to millions […]

Taking a mickey at Osama-Bin Laden

I guess that I always was a sucker for political comedy, and I think this one is really funny. I had this one sent to me on Facebook by and old college friend, Shadi Abu-Ahmed. Shadi and I studied together at the Technion and we were both Open Source evangelists and promoters. The following video […]