Winsows? Salsa? CheckPoint watching too much Seinfeld

Recently, I had to install the CheckPoint SecureClient on my notebook, which is currently running Windows 7 (ok, a linux guys running Windows 7 is something completely different, but let’s talk about that later). In any case, I’ve gone into the CheckPoint website, looking for SecureClient, and got a really funny Seinfeld flash-back:

Israel now officially speaks Arabic

Apparently, according to the BBC, the most spoken language in Israel is most probably Arabic. Well, at least judging from their website. I was browsing the web for some information about the “Doctor Who” TV series (if you have no idea what I’m talking about – shame on you!). As it is a BBC series, […]

Tux Violation – Calling all Tuxes

OK, saying that the Tux pengiun is cute and fuzzy, and saying that it is one of the cutest mascots in the world is one thing. But using it as the logo of a company that manufactures “Fever Pads”, now that’s something completely different. The following image was taken using my cell phone, when I […]

I’ve been out of the cell world for a while…

Most of the readers of this blog know me for my work with Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. However, prior to working with Asterisk, I was heavily involved in the Kannel Open Source WAP/SMS gateway project. That was during a time I spent (almost 6 years), at a mobile content management and delivery company called […]

You don’t mess with the Zohan! – or maybe you do…

I’ll start off with this: I Like Adam Sandler Movies, they always make me laugh. For some strange reason, Adam Sandler movies are among the few movie subject my wife and I agree on. While we watch many movies on our home theater system, Adam Sandler is one of the only things we’ll agree to […]

The essence of Jewish Holidays

As some of you already know, the Passover (Pesach) holiday had just passed, and today is the ever so sweet holiday of the Mimona. Now, the Mimona holiday was brought to Israel by the¬†Morocco¬†Jewish community, and had become very popular among all Israeli’s in the past 20 years. I couldn’t help but stop and think […]

Taking a mickey at Osama-Bin Laden

I guess that I always was a sucker for political comedy, and I think this one is really funny. I had this one sent to me on Facebook by and old college friend, Shadi Abu-Ahmed. Shadi and I studied together at the Technion and we were both Open Source evangelists and promoters. The following video […]