Most of the readers of this blog know me for my work with Asterisk, the Open Source PBX. However, prior to working with Asterisk, I was heavily involved in the Kannel Open Source WAP/SMS gateway project. That was during a time I spent (almost 6 years), at a mobile content management and delivery company called m-Wise.

Back then, I can remember the craze of getting a new ring-tone for my phone. Shortly after to be replaced by polyphonic ringtones, soon to be replaced by tru-tones and so on. In any case, I’ve been so out of it, that I didn’t really care what ring tone was on my cell phone. Added that you need to pay for each ring tone, made for a fairly costly habbit to change your ring tone every 2-3 days.

In any case, as I wrote a couple of months ago, I recently acquired a new Nokia E90 phone – I have to admit, the best work phone I ever had till this day. In any case, I was really looking for a nice website that carries ring tones, especially, the old Knight Rider theme (yes, I’m an OLD GEEK!). Seeking the internet, I came across this service MyXER. MyXER is available at, allowing its visitors to download Ring Tones, themes, wallpapers and more to their cell phones for free – well, most of the stuff is free, some costs about 2$ per download.

I’ve also added a small widget on the right hand side of the website to allow you to listen to my ring tone, go over to MyXER and download what ever content you want from there, too.