Asterisk’s New Friend in Israel – Cellcom

Since early 2006, an ever increasing competition between the local PTT carriers in Israel, had introduced an unlikely friend to the Asterisk community in Israel. While Cellcom, one of Israel’s largest cellular carriers, isn’t closely associated with the PSTN market – it’s entrance to the local PTT market, especially into the E1 PRI market, had introcuded the most unlikely friend to Asterisk.

Raichu Asterisk Anyone? – PIKA WARP REVISITED

When I last reviewed the PIKA WARP Asterisk appliance, I  named the post “Pokemon Asterisk” – today I’ve decided to review the PIKA WARP Asterisk appliance again, only this time, with the newly released Asterisk GUI 2.0 release – our cuddly Pikachu is now a Raichu (relax, it took me about 30 minutes to find […]

PIKA Warp + FreePBX = Still some distance to go…

As I wrote a couple of days, I’m currently in the process of evaluating the PIKA WARP appliance. As I already said before, the PIKA WARP isn’t a real PBX, but actually a framework for building PBX type appliances. For me, the entire evaluation process is more or less a process of trial and error, […]

Pokemon Asterisk Anyone?

So, over the past 2 years, we’ve seen many Asterisk appliances – ranging from the Digium AADK on one side of the spectrum to the RoweTel IP04 appliance, it is clear that appliances are the hottest thing in the Asterisk sector to-date. While most appliances take on a similar form, usually one of the following: […]

Apache vs. Lighttpd (AKA: Lighty)

For a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of utilizing Lighttpd for various web based applications. One of these application is my Automatic Dialer framework, also known as the GTD-API. The main issue with the GTD-API (besides that it is highly reliant on a MySQL database), is the fact that all requests […]

SanDisk Cruzer + CentOS 5.1 Live = Let the good times roll

Ok, I admit it, the topic sounds ultra geeky and nurdy – but I can’t help it, there is something about booting up your computer from a USB pen drive, having all your nicely wrapped tools in there and having fun with it. In this case, my pen drive is actually the driving force behind […]

Mandriva Flash – THIS THING ROCKS!

Ok, I usually don’t get really excited about distributions, after all, I did spend the last 10 years inside different Linux distros – so getting me excited about something won’t be an easy task. However, this time something took me a little by surprise, mainly, something that comes from a distro that I really used […]

Embedded Linux – Part I

I think I’ll start documenting my experiments into the field of embedded Linux devices, as the subject has been taking a portion of my interest lately – and so, I’ve decided to experiment with it. I decided to start off with something really simple, just to get the ropes of how embedded devices actually work […]