A recent post on the FreePBX forum suggests that Fonality and Kerry Garrison are utilizing various unlawful techniques to discourage people from using FreePBX/Elastix/PBX-in-a-flash while promoting the TrixBox brand. These actions are currently under investigation by the FreePBX website maintainers, but they had published their initial findings of these actions.

While the possibility of NAT/PAT firewall from Fonality network is possible, it is clear that the tactics used are promoted by Fonality (Maybe by Kerry himself, but this has not been proved yet).

If you believe that the actions by Fonality are of negative origin and targeted at discouraging other Open Source projects, please put the following banner on your website:

The banner code follows below:

<!--/* OpenX Image Tag v2.4.5 */-->
<a href='http://ads.asterisk.org.il/delivery/ck.php?n=a299919b'
target='_blank'><img src='http://ads.asterisk.org.il/delivery/avw.php?
zoneid=7&n=a299919b' border='0' alt='' />