Business 2.0 – Taking the leap forward…

The following post doesn’t really fit in line with the normal spirit of the blog, simply because it’s not funny nor directly related to technology. It’s called Business 2.0, as it relates to the ever problematic question any business owner has: “When should I grow and how?”.

Asterisk, Greed and Revenue Shares

Revenue sharing is one of the oldest methods of earning profits, actually, I believe it may just be right up there with trading of goods and food.

Open Source, Philanthropy and Asterisk

When I started using Open Source software, it seemed like all Open Source projects are driven by philanthropic agendas. We were all focused on “sticking it to the man” – showing all these would be software vendors that community driven projects can do just as well – if not better.

Chinese Domain Scam Alert!

Over the years I’ve seen many scams running on the net. Ranging from the ever annoying chain mails to the ever popular Nigerian Sting – Internet fraud is all around us. Lately, I’ve been hit by a new type of fraud attack, a domain registration fraud attack – mainly located in China and Hong-Kong.

Asterisk and Amazon EC2 – Amoocon Presentation

I recently gave a presentation at the Amoocon convention, held in Rostock, Germany – about Asterisk and Amazon EC2. Below is a medium quality video of that presentation: or you may download it here: Amazon EC2 and Asterisk video files

Hi-Tech fallouts unite!

The current economical situation of the world had gotten me thinking about various things. I would say that while most people think about “how to survive the economical desert” we are currently passing – my thoughts are going to another place – I see an opportunity. About 6 months ago a team of 58 engineers […]

Creative ideas for start-ups… maybe…

Michael Eisenberg is a well known VC partner (Benchmark Capital) and an avid blogger. In one of his recent posts, Michael refers to 8 different approaches to raising a start-up company, in the midst of an economic crisis. The full blog entry can be found at his blog, however, after reading it myself, I would […]

We’re melting, we’re melting…

I’m not much of an economist. I understand income and expenses, I understand more or less how the stock market works from time to time, but I’m no economist. I’ve been in the hi-tech industry since early 1997, which means, that I’ve seen this world being elevated to the level of godly hood, buried alive […]