Thoughts of virtualization – Part III

Ok, it’s been almost 24 hours since I started my serious playing around with Amazon EC2, and I can honestly say that I’m tired – however, I’m very pleased with my results. Like any other experiment, this one started with a requirement. The requirement was to install and operate one of the dialer frameworks I’ve […]

Thoughts of Virtualization – Part III – Multiple Asterisk Gateways

While this post is titled “Thoughts of Virtualizaiton”, the applications described can be easily applied to non-VM type installations. Virtualization is a wonderful tool, it enables rapid growth and rapid deployment of new servers and services. However, just like any other platform that tends to grow across the time line, it poses the same annoying […]

Thoughts of virtualization – Part II

I really like going to events at the GarageGeeks ( – apart from meeting with some friends, having a good laugh and enjoying the casual beer, the technical talks and the general subjects that are being attended at a gathering are always interesting. This time, the Geeks had decided to focus on Cloud Computing, trying […]

We’re melting, we’re melting…

I’m not much of an economist. I understand income and expenses, I understand more or less how the stock market works from time to time, but I’m no economist. I’ve been in the hi-tech industry since early 1997, which means, that I’ve seen this world being elevated to the level of godly hood, buried alive […]