Deploying Asterisk from source code can be a pain, specifically if you’re trying to patch in some additional patches and run everything automated. I’ve created the below script, to ease the pain of deploying Asterisk from source code – including some really cool stuff like Opus.
If it’s of any use to you, I’d love to know about it.
Btw, it’s meant to be used with CentOS – but you can easily create Debian, Ubuntu, etc variants.

*** Massive Disclaimer ***

The following script includes installation for various stuff that is normally outside of the license scope of Asterisk (Opus, Asterisk-addons, g729, g723). If you use this script, please verify its applicability to your usage, according to the various licensing terms and country regulations.

Open Source is not only a tool to distribute software, it is also an educational tool – this script is provided as an educational tool mainly. Usage of this script in a commercial offering is strictly forbiden!