A baby, a house and a full time job

For those of you who know personally, you probably already know that last month I became a father. I guess the transition is something that I was more or less ready for, at least on the technical terms of the transition.

Asterisk AGI Programming – New Book

Well, it’s finally out – my new book that is 🙂 Some of you already know, but over the past year I’ve been busy writing a new book. This time it’s a book for Asterisk developers, especially tailored to PHP developers wishing to utilizing the PHPAGI framework. The book is out from Packt Publishing (Like […]

So long SigValue – Hello Asterisk + EC2!

As some of you may know, I’ll be attending the ITExpo in Miami Beach, Florida. The subject I’ll be lecturing about is “Virtualizing Asterisk”. However, I have to be honest, I really need to change the subject to be called “Asterisk in the Cloud“. Ever since the introduction of Amazon EC2, people had been trying […]

Asterisk 3rd Party API – and their importance

As some of may know, I spend most of my time working as an Asterisk Developer and Consultant in my own company – called Greenfield Technologies Ltd. – named GreenfieldTech for short. Since the day I started my company I knew a few facts and truths: GreenfieldTech starts as a one man operation – thus, spending […]

Thoughts of virtualization – Part III

Ok, it’s been almost 24 hours since I started my serious playing around with Amazon EC2, and I can honestly say that I’m tired – however, I’m very pleased with my results. Like any other experiment, this one started with a requirement. The requirement was to install and operate one of the dialer frameworks I’ve […]

Thoughts of Virtualization – Part III – Multiple Asterisk Gateways

While this post is titled “Thoughts of Virtualizaiton”, the applications described can be easily applied to non-VM type installations. Virtualization is a wonderful tool, it enables rapid growth and rapid deployment of new servers and services. However, just like any other platform that tends to grow across the time line, it poses the same annoying […]

Pokemon Asterisk Anyone?

So, over the past 2 years, we’ve seen many Asterisk appliances – ranging from the Digium AADK on one side of the spectrum to the RoweTel IP04 appliance, it is clear that appliances are the hottest thing in the Asterisk sector to-date. While most appliances take on a similar form, usually one of the following: […]

Hijacked by RTFM to la-la land

I keep a vigilant eye on Google Alerts. To be more exact, I’ve got a few alerts defined, in accordance to subjects that interest me. Two of these subjects are Asterisk and FreeSwitch. Recently, the following had been posted on a personal blog: Chose Freeswitch over Asterisk October 28, 2008 – 12:09 am Posted in Uncategorized […]

A2Billing+Apache vs. A2Billing+Lighttpd

Ok, it goes without saying: “A2Billing is one of the most complete Calling Card systems in the Asterisk market today.” – on the other hand, it is also true that: “A2Billing is one of the most complex and convoluted pieces of code ever written!”. The combination of the above makes for a fairly combustible mixture, […]

TrixBox shows its support (or lack of it)

Well, it’s quite common to get a flame here and there on any Internet technical maling list, but the following really caught my eye. Here’s an extract from the TrixBox forum: ———————- CUT HERE ———————- Subject: SS7 on Sangoma a101D shoieb_arshad Submitted by shoieb_arshad on Sat, 09/20/2008 – 12:16am. hello i have a two running […]