As most of you know, I’m Jewish – I’m what you would call a secular Jew, which means that while I was born into the Jewish faith – I don’t follow some of its teachings (I don’t keep Kosher and I don’t keep the Sabbath). Regardless of that, there is one thing about being a Jew that makes us unique and that is Yom Kiper (Day of Atonement). For any believer in the Jewish faith, Yom Kipur is by far the holiest day of the year – it is the day you can atone for your sins, ask for your peers forgiveness if you’ve wronged them and start the new year at peace with yourself, your fellow man and god at the same time. I’m confident my Catholic friends would now say: “What? We go to confession every week and do this.” – I’d say, tomatoes, tomatos, potatoes, potatos.

In any case, in this most holy day of atonement, I would like to take to opportunity to say I’m sorry to some people. I won’t list them in person, but as people I’ve wronged in one way or another:

  • To people I’ve caused a financial burden, due to my work on securing telephony systems and blocking systems from rendering phone calls for free – I’m sorry.
  • To people who had come to my consultation during the year, only to realize that they’ve spent 9 months of development in vain – I’m sorry.
  • To people who had called me up, asking for my assistance and I didn’t have the time to do so – I’m really sorry about that.
  • To people who had called me up, saying that I should do their project for free, because Asterisk is Open Source, and I said no – I’m sorry.
  • To people who had called me up, while I was on vacation and couldn’t assist – I’m sorry.

Now, in general, if in some form I’ve wronged you in the past 12 months – I’m truly sorry for that, you must realize I hadn’t do so because I wanted do – it just happened.