It’s been WAY TOO LONG, since isrAsterisk 2007. On January 2007, the first ever Asterisk convention took place in Israel, since then, nothing had really happend in Israel – in terms of community events. It’s high time to have another one, and hopefully, get the ball rolling into a state where we will have one each year.

Unlike the previous event, which was sponsored and controlled fully by Atelis (as no other Asterisk vendor in Israel showed willingness to pitch in) – this event is a true community event. The purpose of the event is to bring the Israeli community into a single location for a few hours, talk about Asterisk, talk about the future of Asterisk, learn from the community and most importantly – meet with the people behind the scenes of the Asterisk community in Israel.

I really hope that this time round we’ll be able to get more funding, as isrAsterisk 2008 never took place due to lack of funding. Who knows, maybe Digium would be willing to add some funds to the fund raiser on the right, and make things easier and faster 😉