So, my trip to the US is finally over, and I’m currently sitting at the BA lounge in JFK, NYC. I have to admit, that compared to the BA lounges in LHR, the JFK lounge seems somewhat dull and disappointing.

The time right now is 7am (US time), and apart from coffee, drinks and some cookies and stuff like that, there isn’t really anything in the lounge worth while eating of munching on – how disappointing.

The internet work stations are based on OLD !!!! Dell P4 machines, that seems to be have taken from their reception desks and converted their task. Even the screens are old 15″ TFT screens… I think I hadn’t seen a 15″ monitor since 2003. I may be a little stuck up, I admit it, but hey – it’s supposed to be a luxuries experience, not just and experience.

Well, too tired right now, I’ll write some stuff about NYC next time.