As most of you reading this blog, you must know that I’ve published an AsteriskNOW book early this year. I’m happy to say that I’ve received numerous emails since the publication of the book, all asking various questions about Asterisk in general and AsteriskNOW in particular.

Most of the questions that I received were related to the development of AGI and AMI scripts, and how to utilize Asterisk as an application layer platform. This inspired me to work on additonal title, to complete my previous book. I’m currently working on an Asterisk Developers guide, for AGI/CTI development with Asterisk. The book serves as a complete guide, summarizing the various aspects of developing AGI/CTI applications with Asterisk, while, enjoying various additions from my day-to-day experience with AGI/CTI development with Asterisk. The book is written as an eye-opener for experienced developers, wishing to make their transition to AGI/CTI development, and teaches them how to avoid the most common mistakes of early day AGI developers.

I’ll be be updating the blog with my progress. Currently, chapters 1 through 5 are complete, covering the basic aspects of dial-plan and AGI development. More information will be released soon.