Ok, I admit it, I’m a techno/gadget freak. There is nothing more exelrating then purchasing a new gadget and getting to learn it. For me, the Nokia E90 is something I’ve wanted to buy for a long time, but was not available in Israel at shops. I have no idea why is that, but only today I was able to purchase it off the counter.

So here I am, working on my new E90 to transfer my existing cell phone data. So let’s remark on the following: THE FACT THAT I LIVE IN ISRAEL – DOES NOT MEAN THAT I WANT TO DEFAULT TO HEBREW!
Who in their right mind will work with a Hebrew based cellphone, that is pure blasphemy.

So, I set it up to work with English, and now time to sync my mail. The full size keyboard makes the setup really easy and fast, however, the keys are a little too flat for my taste, making my somewhat chubby fast fingers mistype words – well, I guess I can’t have everything.

The inside screen size and resolution is amazing, making the entire use experience a most enjoyable one.

I will publish other findings as I come across them…