OK, I’m fairly psyched out at this point, actually, I would say that I’m ecstatic. The first ever Asterisk Bootcamp training will be taking place on the 25th of May, in Ramat-Gan, and I’m the trainer 🙂

If you are not from Israel, you may regard this as: “What’s so special? Asterisk bootcamps are all over the place!” – but for me this is something really special. In 2002 I began a journey into the world of Asterisk, starting to develop various applications and voice systems based upon this wonderful piece of software. As time progressed, my interest in Asterisk grew, and thus, also my interest in the adaptation of Asterisk to Tier-1 telecom infrastructures.

In 2006 I’ve finalized my first Tier-1 Asterisk application, an International Operator Assisted Dialing platform. If you are from the telecom business, you are most probably familiar with the Nortel TOPS platform. The platform that I’ve developed replaced a Nortel TOPS system, that was installed at Bezeq International in Israel. This was the first ever Asterisk installation as a critical Tier-1 carrier service, within a Tier-1 carrier. Just to give you an idea of the big ho-ha, in Israel, this platform is a regulatory issue – no system, no license – no license, company go bye bye!

A year ago I left Atelis, the company that I help found and manage – a Digium channel and reseller in Israel and the UK. I’m now a freelance consultant/developer, focusing mainly on the integration of Asterisk in various applications and business structures. This training session, to me, is somewhat of a climactic event – as it bring my 5 years of Asterisk experience, into a situation where I can share this experience and know-how with a select group of people – who all share the same goal: they want to learn Asterisk to the fullest.

Training will begin on the 25th of May, and I will try to post each day of the bootcamp, telling you my thoughts, feelings and news from the bootcamp – I’ll even throw in some pictures to match 🙂