Ok, the service is up and running, so now I can show it off. Israel’s 60th independance day parties information service is running of an Asterisk servers – how do I know that, you ask? simple, it’s my Asterisk server!

Well, actually, the service is being run by BeLowCall, an IVR and telecom services company, while the platform was developed by me. Essentially, the system is an Asterisk based application engine, that has a very minimalistic dialplan code and communicates with an SQL backoffice then instructs the Asterisk server what to do – in turn, turning the Asterisk server into a high scaleable state transition machine – capable of developing IVR system at any depth or as wide as you want.

If you want to feel the system, you are welcome to call +972-73-2126060. The entire application took about 4 hours to provision, including the database registration system and the recording – not bad, right?