Our body is so fragile

It always amazes me how fragile our body really is. For those of you who had met in person, you know that I’m a fairly bulky guy – which means that I’m slightly larger than most people. In any case, there is nothing more frustrating than throwing your back – it’s the most annoying thing ever.

Throwing your back is somewhat like having an invisible fly hovering next to your ear, you can hear it, but you can’t swat it! A thrown back is just the same, you are perfectly fine in every other aspect, but you can’t do anything because you are STUCK!

I’m writing this post from bed, and believe me, as much as that sounds inviting – IT ISN’T!

Mobile browsing – BlackBerry eat your heart out

Ok , so i’m still taken by my E90, but I can’t argue with the facts. Browsing the internet with the E90 is a treat. The automatic page adjusting and resizing, makes almost any web page readable, just like on a normal PC.
The browser supports JavaScript, enabling AJAX based sites work just right. I admit that writing this post from the E90 isn’t that easy and fast, however, it is doable.
Another nice feature is voice activated dialing, with speech recognition, which means that you don’t need to train your phone.

I finally purchased a Nokia E90

Ok, I admit it, I’m a techno/gadget freak. There is nothing more exelrating then purchasing a new gadget and getting to learn it. For me, the Nokia E90 is something I’ve wanted to buy for a long time, but was not available in Israel at shops. I have no idea why is that, but only today I was able to purchase it off the counter.

So here I am, working on my new E90 to transfer my existing cell phone data. So let’s remark on the following: THE FACT THAT I LIVE IN ISRAEL – DOES NOT MEAN THAT I WANT TO DEFAULT TO HEBREW!
Who in their right mind will work with a Hebrew based cellphone, that is pure blasphemy.

So, I set it up to work with English, and now time to sync my mail. The full size keyboard makes the setup really easy and fast, however, the keys are a little too flat for my taste, making my somewhat chubby fast fingers mistype words – well, I guess I can’t have everything.

The inside screen size and resolution is amazing, making the entire use experience a most enjoyable one.

I will publish other findings as I come across them…


Ballmer Omlet anyone?

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, had been reported as egged by an Hungrian student, during a lecture at the Budapest University. Now, as much as I would have wanted to be there myself, I have to admit that egging him is somewhat childish, unless that would have been followed by a frying pan to match…

In any case, here’s the video from the event: