Undisclosed Telecom Services Company – Operating in Stealth mode, 2013 – Current, CEO/CTO/founder and investor

We are revolutionizing the way people communicate while abroad, re-inventing an old and dormant industry – completely different than the normal methodologies and concepts targeted today.

Undisclosed Content Delivery Services Company – Operating in Stealth mode, 2011 – Current, CEO/CTO/founder and investor

Delivering high quality, highly available, economical and lucrative Telephony premium services is our business. We are able to create highly complex Premium services, converging technologies such as IVR, SMS, USSD, Mobile Applications, VoIP and more – enabling service deployment and launch within weeks, rather than months and years. Our cloud based infrastructure currently renders premium services world wide, enabling content providers world wide to monetize their content faster and in an economic fashion.

 GreenfieldTech Ltd, 2007 – Current, CEO and founder

GreenfieldTech was founded in 2007 under the idea and motto that Open Source, specifically Open Source Telephony, can transform completely the way enterprises and carriers utilize Open Source and VoIP around the world. Since its inception in 2007, the company had grown from just a freelancer, to a company employing 7 employees and a dozen more free lancers around the world.

Since 2007, we’ve completed projects in the realms of VoIP, Carrier Services, GSM networks, SMS aggregation, emergency response and more. Among our customers you may find: Veraz Networks, JaJah.Com, Free World Dialup, XConnect, Kayote Networks and others.

Atelis plc (previously Dimi Telecom), 2003-2007 CTO and Co-Founder

Chief Technology Officer for Atelis plc, a Start-Up in the telecoms industry. In charge of designing the company’s product line and services line, based upon Open Source products such as Asterisk, GnuGK, SER and other VoIP and telecom related projects.

  • Defining the company’s product strategy for developing new products and services.
  • In charge of a development team of 5 programmers developing the company’s products and services.
  • In charge of developing proof-of-concept solutions for VoIP services.
  • Active coder of Asterisk based VoIP services.
  • Active coder of FreeRadius AAA modules for utilization with 3rd party platforms.
  • Prime coder and architect of Tier-1 Carrier application platform (IN services and operator assisted dialing services).
  • Active member of the Asterisk Developers community and Users Community.

m-Wise Inc, 2001-2006 IT Director

In charge of designing the company’s world deployment of GSM services and deployment of GSM VAS platforms at company client locations. Customers included: Vodafone UK, Comtrend Taiwan, Omnitel Vodafone Italy, Unefon Mexico, Telefonica Spain and other cellular carriers around the world.

  • Defining the company’s IT infrastructure in order to achieve the highest level of stability and remote management needs.
  • Defining the company’s network security requirements, including interconnecting with other client network security systems.
  • Implementing the company IT and security policies internally and externally.
  • In charge of a support team including 8 members between the years 2001 and 2003.
  • Managing and support of m-Wise’s ever growing customer base installation, over 250 servers world wide.

artNET experts, 1999-2001 Linux and Unix Expert

Part of the high end solutions and security team – in charge of implementing highly complex networking and operating system environments, where traditional IT methodology can’t be applied.

  • Maintenance of Linux and Solaris production systems at client locations. Clients included: Golden Lines (012), Barak (013), Mizrahi Bank, Sorek Nuclear center, Rafeal and other government institutions.
  • Analysis of customer requirements and designing of high-end solutions based upon Linux and Solaris infrastructures.
  • Network and application security consultant – including security assessments, code reviews and intrusion testing.
  • Implementation of network security policies using CheckPoint products, Cisco products and custom tailored Linux solutions.

Technion, Israeli Technology Institute, Haifa 1997-1999 Network Manager

In charge of maintaining the Technion’s computer center (TCC) collection of Linux and Solaris network servers.

  • Maintenance of Linux and Solaris production systems
  • Professional consulting to faculties network engineers and system administrators with Linux/Unix tasks
  • Intrusion testing and Security Assessment of Technion network connected equipment and infrastructure

MAMRAM, Israeli Defense Forces, 1994-1997, Network Analyst and Architect

I was part of a team in charged with the analysis of military scale networks, both WAN and LAN. I’ve been involved in highly complex network implementations of military networks, deploying cutting edge technologies of the time, such as: Fast Ethernet Switching, FDDI, ATM and others.
During my army service, I’ve participated in the following courses:

  • Networking Basics
  • Advanced Networking
  • Novell Network Administration
  • Windows NT Administration
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Unix System Administration
  • Advanced topics in Network Topology and Design


Technion, Computer Science and Education 4 Years

Obtained a firm grasp of Computer Science related subjects and networking technology. During my studies, I’ve concentrated on distributed programming and high performance systems with a highlight on distributed SQL and database systems.

Additional information

Skills and Certifications

  • SAIR/GNU Certified Linux Professional (LCP)
  • SAIR/GNU Certified Linux Administrator (LCA)
  • SAIR/GNU Certified Linux Instructor (LCI)
  • Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP)
  • Open Source Telecom and ISP Infrastructure
    • Asterisk Open Source PBX
    • Kamailio SIP Server
    • GNU GK (Open H323 Gatekeeper)
    • Free Radius
  • Networking Skills:
    • CheckPoint Firewall Administrator
    • Cisco ASA Firewall Administrator
    • pfSense Firewall Administrator
    • Cisco Router Administrator including BGP4 and High Availability configurations.

Experienced with

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, PHP, JAVA, Python
  • Development Environments: Eclipse IDE, InteliJ Idea, phpStorm
  • Operating Environments: Windows (all versions), Solaris, Linux
  • Scripting Experience: bash, tcsh, perl, php-cli
  • Commercial Products: Windows Server (Standard and Enterprise), MS-SQL, CheckPoint VPN1, NG and NGX
  • Open Source Products: Postfix, Courier IMAP, MySQL, FreeRadius, Asterisk, GNU GK, Kamauilio, Apache (BrainBench Certified).

Publications, Books and awards

  • “The VoiceCon RFP: Walking the path of the penguin’ – Can an open source VoIP solution meet Allan Sulkin’s criteria? Of course! – Published Aug 2007-11-19
  • “AsteriskNOW – A Practical Guide” – Published by Packt Publishing, March 2008.
  • “Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 AGI Programming” – Published by Packt Publishing, Jan 2009
  • Winner of the Digium Innovation Award – Pioneer Division – 2008
  • Winner of the Digium Innovation Award – Pioneer Division – 2009

Open Source and Community Affiliations

  • The Asterisk Open Source PBX Project – Active member since late 2002
  • Founder of the Israeli Asterisk users group ( – since 2005.
  • The Israeli Linux Users Group – Active member since 1996.
  • Co-founder of the Haifa Linux Users Group (haifux) – 1998.
  • The GnuGK OpenH323 Gatekeeper – Active member since 2003.

Personal mottos and public profiles

  • Always strive to create a best-of-breed solution, even it means breaking the bounds of conventional thinking.
  • KiS-KiS: Keep it Simple, Keep it Stupid
  • People are complex, solutions are simple.
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