OK, if there is one thing I really hate, is that when something so little as a small configuration change from one version to another causes things not to function properly. It is one thing to make sure that your code is backward compatible, no one really expects that your scripting language will suddenly start behaving differently, just because you upgraded to a new minor version – right?Continue reading

There is nothing more frustrating than having the flu – it’s the most annoying type of illness you will ever encounter. I mean, unlike other illnesses, the flu simply disables you from doing most of the things you are able to do while having other illnesses. For example, even writing this post is virtually impossible, as I’m busy blowing my nose every 8 words of typing.Continue reading

I guess that in every parents mind, their child is always a genius. The child may actually be the stupidest person on the face of the planet – however, for the parents, the child is a genius. I think this way of thinking is somewhat a constant across the universe, however, in Israel – adding the “Polish Mom” syndrome into the equation and you get a highly intense environment believing that what ever the child says, be it as moronic as a toon, is considered sheer genius.Continue reading